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glHack has only been tested here under Linux (Debian and Mandrake).  Other Linux distributions should work OK "out of the box".  For other UNIX operating systems, you will probably have to edit the makefiles and config files.  There is NO support for Windows or Mac, etc....

glHack requires OpenGL(R), preferably with a hardware accelerated 3D card.  The Mesa library will work fine.  Only Voodoo 3 and NVidia TNT64 cards have been tested so far.  Note that it is possible to compile with only software rendering support, so OpenGL is not a strict requirement anymore.

Also required is LibSDL (Simple Directmedia Library) version 1.2 or higher, and LibPNG is needed for loading the graphic files.


glHack is under the same license as NetHack -- the "Nethack General Public License", something similiar in spirit to the GPL.  This license is OSI approved.  The full text can be read here

Source Code

Get glhack-1.2.tar.gz here (5.0 MB)
Full source code package for glHack 1.2.  Configured for Linux installation, and ready to make.  Includes complete NetHack 3.4.3 source and the PNG graphics.  See the file README.GL in the top directory for the glHack-specific information. 

NOTE: you must click through the above link, due to the new download system on SourceForge.  Other files on this page can be downloaded directly.

CVS Extras

glhack-png-1.2.tar.gz (610 KB)
Contains the PNG graphic files for the CVS version. 

nethack-343 download You can get the original NetHack 3.4.3 sources here.  The glHack sources and the PNG images must be installed over the top of this.  If in doubt, I recommend just getting the source tarball.


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